The assault on our way of life has raged on for too long unopposed. Texas is the frontline in the battle between conservative values and leftist destruction. The only way we can push back is by electing fighters that bring the battle to the Democrats.

We need the ultimate outsider to go to Austin and do things differently. To meet the moment, we need a new fighter for a new fight.
Fight for Election Integrity

- Secure Texas elections from interference of illegal voting & fraudulent ballots

- Direct the State to conduct an in-depth audit of ballots after every election

- Fight efforts by Democrats to push ballot harvesting & eliminate Voter ID laws

Win the Culture War
- Ban Marxist Critical Race Theory in Texas classrooms
- Create a Texas version of President Trump’s 1776 Commission for Education
- Protect historic Texas monuments from cancel culture
Get Tough on Crime

- Ban the defunding of police departments

- Champion legislation that harshly punishes looters and violent rioters

- Support legislation that would keep violent, habitual offenders in custody

Drain the Swamp

- Protect businesses against big government lockdowns & mandates

- Support the immediate ending of taxpayer-funded lobbying

- Demand action from government agencies on flood control failures