Anthony Dolcefino is a lifelong Houstonian with deep roots in conservative activism. His love for politics was fostered by his father, decorated investigative reporter Wayne Dolcefino. Dolcefino’s first job at 16 involved working with his father on investigations about corrupt politicians and governmental abuse of taxpayer dollars.


As a student at the University of Texas at Austin, Dolcefino became deeply involved in campus conservative organizations and got a firsthand look at the leftist assault on our American way of life. Through his work as the Vice Chairman of the UT’s Young Conservatives of Texas chapter, he began to advocate for conservative legislation at the Texas Capitol and help elect politicians he believed would bring the fight back to the Democrats.


In 2019, Dolcefino embarked on an unprecedented run for Houston City Council, where he became the youngest candidate in a major American city to make a runoff. As an unlikely candidate running on a deep passion for the issues affecting his community, he was able to build a coalition of conservatives and concerned citizens alike. In this role, he became intimately aware of the crises on flooding, crime, and government waste affecting Kingwood. 


Dolcefino fell in love with Kingwood and the surrounding areas during his run for Houston City Council. When his family started in 2020 with the birth of his son William, there was no question that Kingwood was the best fit to raise his blossoming family.


Throughout 2020, Dolcefino continued his work in Republican politics, most recently working on President Trump’s re-election campaign and serving as a National Delegate to the 2020 Republican National Convention.


Dolcefino decided to run for State Representative not only to advocate and fight for his family, but for the good people of this district. After observing the growing complicity by weak Republicans in Texas politics, Dolcefino felt called to run for office to be the fighter we need.