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April 27, 2021

Anthony Dolcefino Announces Candidacy 


Houston, TX - Conservative activist Anthony Dolcefino has officially filed a Treasurer’s Appointment with the intent to fill the expected open seat in Texas House District 127.


Dolcefino fell in love with Kingwood when he first ran his unprecedented campaign for Houston City Council in the area. When his family started in 2020 with the birth of his son William, he knew that Kingwood was the best place to raise his blossoming family.


Dolcefino is no stranger to the political fray. He was the former Vice Chairman of the Young Conservatives of Texas at UT Austin and has been involved in the activist scene both at the Texas Capitol and in Houston, having most recently worked on President Trump’s 2020 campaign.


In 2019, he became the youngest candidate ever to make a runoff in a major American city. During this campaign, he became intimately involved in the issues affecting District 127, including flooding, crime, and a corrupt Houston city government. This combined with the growing leftist onslaught and complicity by weak Republicans in Texas politics inspired him to run for State Representative. 


“The assault on our way of life has raged on for too long unopposed. Texas is the frontline in the battle between conservative values and socialist destruction. The only way we can push back is by electing fighters that bring the battle to the Democrats.


“Despite Republican majorities at every level of state government, REAL conservative priorities on Life, the 2nd Amendment, and Election Security are thwarted by the Austin Swamp’s games. It’s time we act like we’re in charge.”


Anthony Dolcefino is the right candidate to meet the moment. Upon the launch of his campaign, he released a detailed platform for his vision to fight election fraud, drain the Austin Swamp, get tough on crime, and put Texas families first. These policies can be viewed at 


“As an activist who has been in this fight both in Austin and here at home, you have my word that YOUR issues will see the light of day on the floor of the Texas House. To meet the moment, we must elect a new fighter for a new fight.”